Our Story

Hi, I'm Afi, and I'm the founder of ModestAfi! I first started off my business with selling embroidery apparel during 2020. I wanted to pursue my hobby and turn it into a business that would offer the cutest and most lovable custom embroidery for everyone, no matter what the occasion.

As my business grew, I decided to expand it by offering other accessories so that those who aren't interested in clothing can still purchase. This includes glass cups, phone cases, and other stationary items. 

Owning a small business lets me bring out my full potential to help better other people's lives. I take great pride in providing high-quality, custom-made products and I'm dedicated to excellent craftsmanship and customer service in every piece I create.

Thank you for choosing ModestAfi. I'm excited to work with you and design the perfect pieces which you will love!